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Cable NYFGBY cable kabelindo
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Specification of Cable NYFGBY cable kabelindo


Cable NYFGBY cable brands of metal, supreme, kabelindo jembo cable, etc., with a size of 3 core as follows:
Nyfgby 3x1, 5
NY FGbY 3x2, 5
Nyfgby around 3 x 4
Nyfgby 3x6
Nyfgby 3x10
Nyfgby 3x16
Nyfgby 3x25
Nyfgby 3x35
Nyfgby 3x50
Nyfgby 3x70
Nyfgby 3x95
Nyfgby 3x120
Nyfgby 3x150
Nyfgby 3 x 185
Nyfgby 3x240
Nyfgby 3x300
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