VSD inverters LS iP5A

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of VSD inverters LS iP5A


specfications Dynamic braking torque Max. braking torque 20% continuous4)
ED Option (braking units, braking resistor) 4)
Cooling water Forced cooling method
Protection degree IP20, UL Enclosed Type 1 (provided with the conduit box) for all ratings, UL Open type of from 15 to 90 kW (Optional conduit plate)
Control Control method V/F, Sensorless Vector, Slip Compensation, Easy Start Selectable
Digital reference frequency setting resolution: 0.01 Hz (Below 100Hz), 0.1 Hz (Over 100Hz), Analog reference: 0.01 Hz/60 Hz
Digital frequency accuracy: 0.01% of max. output freq
Analog: 0.1% of max. output freq
Linear v/F ratio, Square pattern, User V/F
Overload capacity per 1 min 110%, 120% per 1min5)
Torque boost Manual torque boost (0 to 15% adjustable), auto torque boost
Operation Operation method of the Keypad/Terminal/selectable Communication
Frequency setting resolution Analog: 0 ~ 12V/-12V ~ 12V/4 ~ 20mA/0 ~ 20mA/Pulse/Ext-PID, Digital: Keypad
Input signal Start signal Forward, Reverse
Multi-Step Up to 18 Speeds can be set including Jog (Use Programmable Digital InputTerminal)
Multi-Step Accel/Decel time 0.1 ~ 6, 000 sec, Max 4 types can be set via a Multi-Function terminals.
Accel/Decel Pattern: Linear, U-Curve, An S-Curve Selectable
Emergency stop Interrupts the Output of the Inverter
Jog operation Jog
Fault reset Reset the fault when the protective function is active.
Output signal status Operating Frequency Detection levels, Overload Alarm, Stalling, Over Voltage, Low Voltage, Inverter Overheating/Running/Stopping/Constant running, the Inverter by-pass, Speed Searching
Fault output Contact outputs (3A, 3B, 3 c)-AC 250V 1A, DC 30V 1A
Indicatot Choose 2 from the Output Frequency, Output Current, Output Voltage, DC Link
Voltage (Output Voltage: 0 ~ 10V)
Operation function DC Braking, Frequency limits, Frequency Jump, 2nd Function, Slip Compensation, Reverse Rotation Prevention, Auto Restart, Inverter by-pass, Auto-Tuning, PID Control, Flying Start, Safety Stop, Flux Braking, Low leakage, Pre-PID, Dual PID, MMC, Easy Start, Pre-heater
Protection function of the Inverter trips Over Voltage, Low Voltage, Over Current, Ground Fault, Inverter, Motor Overheat Overheat, the Open Phase, Output Overload Protection, External Fault 1, 2, Communication Error, Loss of Speed Command, Hardware Fault, Fault Option, etc
Inverter alarm Stall Prevention, Overload, Thermal Sensor Fault Alarm
Momentary power loss Below 1 sec: Continuous operation, Above 1 sec: Auto active restart when a Safety Stop is set to "Yes" with a fan connected.
Keypad Operation information Output Frequency, Output Current, Output Voltage, Frequency Set Value, Operating Speed, DC Voltage, Integrating Wattmeter, Fan ON time, Run-time, Last Trip Time.
Trip information Trips Indication when the Protection Function activates. Max. 5 Faults are saved. Last Trip Time.
Environment Ambient temperature-10 ~ 40 (loads use less than 80% at 50)
Storage temperature-20 ~ 65
Ambient humidity Less than 90% RH Max. (No condensing)
Altitude, Vibration Below 1, 000m · Below 5.9 m/s ² (= 0.6 g)
Application site Pollution degree 2, No Corrosive Gas, Combustible Gas, Oil Mist, or Dust

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