Medium Voltage VSD Inverters LS
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10 Jul 2021
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Specification of Medium Voltage VSD Inverters LS


Compact Size

MV VFD has designed an optimum inner panel through the heat analysis;
It promotes to get the most out of the space.

Energy Saving High Efficiency &

MV VFD realizes high efficiency and high power factor more than 95% without any compensation tools.
MV perfect realizes energy saving VFD VFD system without input/output filters.

Redundant Cell Power Factor Control

MV VFD has no extra charge for low power factor.
MV VFD's voltage regulation is advanced.
MV VFD keeps High pwer factor with standard induction motor in all of the speed range. (More than 95%)

Medium Voltage Drives
Perfect Energy Saving Solution
Medium Voltage Drives overview Ptoduct
The most effcient energy management for great
energy saving
High rellability due to cascade topology
High performance for stable system
User friendly monitoring system
Easy to maintain due to Cell Bypass function
THD: IEEE standard 519-1992 satisfied
MV drive is composed of four primary parts
Main Features

H-Bridge Multi-level Cascade Topology
Cascade method means that the single-phased low voltage cells are connected in series to generate medium voltage.

The Characteristics of H-Bridge multi-level Cascade Type
Uses the multiple-winding transformers with phase shift
Decreased input THD (No Filter Input Required)
Multi Level generates Sinusoidal PWM Output Wave Form
Decreased output THD (No output filter required)
Decreased common mode voltage and leakage current
Easy to increase the output voltage due to Power Cell
In case of cell failure during operation, the fault cell is bypassed
Less affected by reflected voltage, which makes long distance cable to the motor
THD: IEEE Standard 519-1992 Satisfied

High Functionality for stable Performance & system
Powerful torque control
Flying Start
In case of more than 2 fans operated in one system or heavy spinning fan by inertia, MV Drive detects the motor's speed and is able to control the motor effectively.
The built-in Cell Bypass
In case of cell failure during operation, the MV Drive can drive continuously after purpose the faulty cell.
Fan speed control by temperature
LS MV Drive controls the fan speed depending on its internal temperature, so that it decreases noise and extends the lifetime of the fan.
Redundant power control and optical communication
Various communication options
DeviceNet, CANOpen, Profibus-DP, LonWorks, Modbus-RTU and so on.

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