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Modular Plc Product Specifications Mitsubishi A3nmca16

Programmable Logic Controllers (Plc) Is an easy to use Electronic Computer (User Friendly) which has the function of control For different types And levels of difficulty The Variegated [2].             Definition of Programmable Logic Controller In Capiel (1982) are:electronic systems That operate in Digital and designed For Use In Industrial Environments, where this system Menggunakan Programmable Memory For Storing Internally instructions Implementing Specific functions such as Logic, order, Perwaktuan, counting and Aritmatik to control the operation of the machine or process Through the modules i/o Digital as well as Analogue [3].

Based On His Concept Of A Plc Are As Follows:

1. Programmable, shows the capabilities in terms of Memory to store the created ProgramThat Easily Personalised Way Functionality Or Its Use.

2. Logic, shows the capabilities in processing the Input Is Aritmatik And Logic (Alu), i.e. perform the operation compare, Add, multiply, divide, subtract, Negation, And, Or, and so on.

3. the Controller, showed the ability to Control and manage the process so that it Produces the desired Output.


Plc Is Designed To Replace A Rangkaian Relay Sequensial in a system control. In Addition To The Programmable, This Tool Can Also Be Controlled, And Operated By People Who Do Not Have Knowledge In The Field Of Operation Of The Computer Specifically. Plc Has A Programming Language Which Is Easily Understood And Can Be Operated When The Programs That Have Been Created By Using Software That Is Appropriate To The Type Of Plc Used Already Included. This Tool Works Based On Input-Input And Depending On The Circumstances Of The Pada any given time Which would then be toOn Or toOff Right Output-Output. 1 indicates that the expected Circumstances are met Whereas 0 means the State Expected are not met. Plc Can Also Be Applied To The Control System That Has A Lot Of Output.

Plc Functionality And Usability Are Very Spacious. In practice, the Plc can be divided in General and specifically [4]. In General The Function Of Plc Is As Follows:

1. Sequential Co.ntrol. The Plc Processes The Input Binary Signals Into An Output Which Is Used For The Purposes Of The Processing Technique Of Sequentially (Sequential), Here The Plc Keep All Step Or Steps In A Sequential Process Under Way In The Proper Sequence.

2. Monitoring the Plant. Plc Continuously Monitors The Status Of A System (E.g. Temperature, Pressure, Level Elevation) And Take The Necessary Actions With Respect To Controlled Process (E.g. The Value Already Melebihi limits) or display the message on the Operator.


While The Function Of Plc In Particular Was Able To Provide Input To The Cnc (Computerized Numerical Control). Several Plc Can Provide Input To The Cnc For Further Processing. Cnc When Compared With Plc Has Higher Accuracy And More Expensive Price. Cnc Is Usually Used For The Finishing Process, Forming The Workpiece, Moulding And So On.

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